MiniLED600 high capacity white twinkle twin port light source



A good general purpose quiet-running compact twin port dimming light source with a high capacity for star ceiling, star panel and other end-emitting fibre projects. This is supplied with a wireless remote control.

Supply voltage: 240vac via transformer 3-pin plug. (110vac 2-pin available)
Unit input voltage: 12v dc via removable jack plug.
LED 2 x 5 watt cool white (which produces very natural looking stars)
Dimensions 150 x 100 x 75mm
Optical port internal diameter: 20mm
Weight 0.55kgs
Power consumption: 11 watts
Colour wheel :No
Twinkle wheel: Yes
Remote control: Yes – On/off, dimming and twinkle wheel stop.
Wheel rotation speeds, set via dip switches:
Stopped, 0.8, 3, and 6 rpm
Fibre capacity:
0.75mm x 930 fibres
1.00mm x 490 fibres
Cooling Fan: none
Heat radiation: light source body warm to touch.
Warranty: 18 months. Commercial 12 months.
Country of manufacture: China
Manufacturer accreditation: ISO 9001

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