Star Ceiling Systems

We specialise in creating the most realistic star ceilings that are a great finishing touch to any room!

From our custom designed Infinity panels to our pre-fibred plasterboards; our star ceiling systems will add a WOW factor to your project

Infinity panel system

Infinity Star Panels

Top of the range modular star panel system. Infinity is what the home cinema buff aspires to as the crowning glory of a dedicated home cinema room. And when you’re not watching a movie, the star ceiling turns the room into a great place to just chill out. One customer says she likes to retreat to the cinema room and just lie down beneath the stars to recharge her batteries. Read on to see why.

Horizon elliptical star panel

This elliptically-shaped disk will create a lovely centrepiece to any room. Various panel colour and star density options are available. Optional LED perimeter lighting can also bring warmth and colour to the surrounding ceiling.

Galaxy rectangular star panel

You don’t need to be in a galaxy “Far Far Away” to enjoy sitting under the stars. Our Galaxy oblong star ceiling panel has a superb matt or gloss finish and is available in a variety of great colours. Star densities from 300 (great) 400 (better) and 500 (stupendous) will make your ceiling come alive. Our renowned expertise in star layouts will keep you looking at this lovely centrepiece.

Eclipse star disk

Our popular Eclipse disk is available in a range of colours and finishes. 200 mixed diameter twinkling stars and optional LED rim lighting can create a sense of calm in any room. As with all our star panels the Eclipse is very easy to install so grandparents can buy this for a nursery without committing anyone to huge amounts of work!

Aurora square star ceiling

It’s not square to be square! With 200 mixed diameter fibres and a very economical LED light source the Aurora Star Panel is a great first choice for nurseries and bedrooms. Like the other products on this page, the Aurora allows for very fast and easy installation.

Fibre optics in plasterboard

In the past putting fibre optic stars into plasterboard has been off limits. However, using taper edge boards and an easy-to-follow jointing technique makes it possible to achieve fantastic results.

Ceiling tile systems

Want to add some drama to a room with a conventional 600 x 600mm suspended ceiling grid? We can supply pre-fibred ceiling tiles for this application. Simply remove the existing tiles and replace with our star tiles and – hey Presto! – a new star ceiling. Or, we can supply a DIY fibre kit and you can fit fibres to the tiles yourself.

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