MaxiLEDRGBW light source



Highest fibre capacity RGBW (colour changing) LED light source we stock with twinkle wheel. On-board and remote control and DMX imput.

Data sheet

User manual

Supply voltage 240vac via UK 3-pin plug.
LED R-9w, G-9w, B-9w, W-9w (max).
Size: 281 x 274 x 135mm
Weight: 5.5 kgs. Power consumption: 40watts (max)
Fibre capacity: 880 x mixed 0.75 and 1.00mm at a ratio of 3:1
0.75mm x 1070
1.00mm x 600
DMX input via 3 pin connectors.
Cooling Fan: None – very quiet operation
Twinkle wheel: Yes
Colour wheel: No, colour changing is by RGBW LED chips
Dimmable: Yes
Front push-button panel to control on-board programs.
Heat radiation: Warm to touch.
Country of manufacture: China
Warranty: 18 months. Commercial 12 months.
Manufacturer accreditation: ISO 9001


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