Fibre optic light sources

At the heart of the system is the projector or light source (or “light engine”) which illuminates the fibres. Our light sources are based on super-economical LEDs and the range covers all needs with units capable of solid light, colour changing, twinkling and dimming. 

All models are supplied with radio remote controls and many also include DMX functionality. These DMX units can be integrated with home automation systems such as Rako, Lutron and Control4. Due to the wide range of interfaces available Starscape does not stock these, however your installer will be able to source them as necessary. 

The different families of light sources are each suitable for different applications. The MiniLED series is generally the most suitable for home use. The MiniLED units range from the compact, white light only 150 through the white twinkle 550 or 600, the DMX enabled 650 and 750 units right up to the full RGBW colour changing and twinkling 800 and 850 models. 

The MaxiLED series are larger and more powerful models designed for commercial applications such as outdoor installations, theatre backdrops or large public spaces. As well as brighter LEDs they also have the capacity to power more fibres than the MiniLED series. The Maxi40 is a powerful, white light based unit and the MaxiRGBW has full 4 channel colour mixing.

Infinity panel system

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