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Why buy a DIY star kit from Starscape?

If you want a DIY fibre optic star kit it makes sense to buy from an experienced company. Starscape’s DIY fibre optic star kits reflect our experience and expertise in this sector. Additionally, we’re confident that we offer you the best service in the UK for DIY star ceiling kits.

Customer service is a key part of what we offer. This means that we don’t simply list a range of star kits and leave you to make a choice. Customised harnesses account for more than half of the kits we ship from our Workshop. We won’t persuade you to use an off-the-shelf product if we believe a bespoke kit would look better. Also, our pricing reflects this, with our custom kits being priced along the same lines as the standard kits. This ensures that custom kits are simply priced for fibre used – no “bespoke” surcharges apply

Understanding your DIY kit components

A fibre optic star kit has just two main components. A light source, and a harness of optical fibres, usually at various lengths and diameters.

A fibre optic light source (sometimes called the light engine or projector) is essentially a box with a lamp in it. These days most commonly a single larger LED  or cluster of smaller LEDs. The move in the past decade towards using LEDs in place of halogen or metal halide bulbs means that light sources use less power, generate less heat and require less maintenance. There’s no bulb to ever change and LEDs should last in excess of 40,000 hours – long enough to see a new baby through to university.

Inside most light sources there are one or more motors which turn effects wheels to create a twinkle effect or change the light colour. 

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