Optical Fibre

We stock several types and sizes (diameters) of Polymer (pmma) Optical Fibre and solid core light guide. The range includes end-emitting fibre, solid side glow fibre, sheathed fibre and sparkle fibre. We can also supply additional fibre sizes not listed below. 

Generally, unsheathed PMMA fibre is supplied in diameters of 0.5mm – 1.5mm. These would be best for most projects within the home such as making a panel for a wall or ceiling. Sheathed PMMA is best for applications where the fibre may be abraded or exposed to sunlight such as under tiles or in an area of decking. 

Sparkle fibre is a wonderful addition to sensory rooms and similar spaces. The fibre features an amazing sparkling effect down its entire length. This is especially noticeable when paired with a colour changing twinkle lightsource. 

Solid core light guide is a very flexible fibre in larger diameters (1.5mm+). This fibre is well suited to areas where either larger light points are required, or a “side glow” rather than “end glow” effect is desired.  

Feel free to speak to us about the most appropriate fibre type and size(s) for your project. 

Our Case Studies contain many varied and wonderful projects if you are looking for inspiration. 

Please note: fibre ordered in small quantities, for delivery by post rather than courier, will be supplied hand-coiled, rather than on a spool.

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