Horizon star ceiling panel

The Horizon star panel, designed and manufactured by Starscape Star Ceilings, could be the ultimate centrepiece for any room This star panel is available with range of options including matt or gloss finish and LED rim lighting.

  • Great look.
  • Choice of star density.
  • Fantastic star layout – it’s our job and it’s what we do best.
  • Choice of panel colours.
  • Optional LED rim lighting.
  • Choice of light sources: Simple twinkle, colour change, colour change and twinkle, integration with home automation system through DMX.
  • Easy installation. A choice of installation configurations including: Button-fix, threaded rod, wire hangers.
  • Unusual installation? We’ll work with you to make it happen.
  • Light source can be located remotely from the panel if necessary.

Here at Starscape we love our star ceiling to emulate the real night sky, so a simple white twinkle would be our choice. However, with our range of powerful yet economical light sources, you can have colour changing effects, dimming, and even shooting stars.

Why not contact us to discuss options? We’ll never try and sell you something that will not be right for you, or not in your budget.

The star pattern on this Horizon 500 was drilled by hand in our Northumberland workshop. We don’t use templates so you can be sure your star ceiling panel will be unique. And, with several amateur astronomers on the team we like to think our star fields are the best in the world.

This legacy video demonstrates the LED rim lighting on the Horizon star ceiling panel. The Horizon used to me named Corona, but this was changed for pretty obvious reasons.


2340 x 1120mm . Depth to the bottom the panel from the ceiling 45mm (using ButtonFix)


Installing the Horizon star ceiling panel is easy, whether you have working space above the ceiling or not. Here are a couple of options:

If you have access to the space above the display then the panel can be mounted directly to the ceiling. Simply cut a hole in the ceiling large enough for the fibre optic bundle or ‘tail’. Have your electrician provide a switched socket for the LED power supply close to the hole.

The Horizon can be secured to the ceiling by screwing directly through the face and then disguising the screw heads with caps, the same colour as the panel finish.

Alternatively, and a neater solution would be to use ButtonFix. This simple system utilises button mounts on the ceiling which locate securely into carriers on the star ceiling frame.

Read more about ButtonFix here.

This drawing shows a typical star panel installation where access above the ceiling is available. The Galaxy, Aurora, and Eclipse star ceiling panels are similarly mounted.

Click the pic for an expanded view.