MiniLED750 colour wheel with 6 colours/twinkle DMX light source



A powerful compact DMX* capable light source for a range of duties including some side glow applications. This features twin effects wheels – colour and twinkle – so that colour and twinkle effects can be combined. This is also dimmable and has a wireless remote control function.

However, please note that to access the full range of functionality this light source should be combined with home automation such as Control4 or used with a DMX controller (see bottom of the page), or a PC equipped with DMX software (free download). 

Data sheet

User manual


Supply voltage: 240v ac via transformer 3-pin plug. (110v ac 2-pin available)
Unit input voltage: 12v dc via removable jack plug.
LED 10 watt cool white
Dimensions 165 x 115 x 80mm
Optical port internal diameter: 20mm
Weight 0.85kgs
Power consumption: 11 watts
Colour wheel: 6 colours including white
Twinkle wheel with clear section
Fibre capacity:
0.75 x 425 fibres
1.00 x 230 fibres
Cooling Fan: none
Heat radiation: light source case warm to the touch.
Warranty: 18 months. Commercial 12 months.
Country of manufacture: China
Manufacturer accreditation: ISO 9001


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