Single Color Controller/Dimmer



Working voltage: DC3V(Battery CR2032 )
Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz Remote
Distance: 40-50m
Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃
Dimensions: L104×W60×H9mm
Weight (N.W.): 42g

M3-3A Receiving controller:
Power input: DC12V-DC24V
Max Current load: Max 3A ×3CH
Max Output power: 108W/216W (12V/24V)
Compatible remote: M1/M2/M3/M5/M6/M7
Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃
Dimensions: L135×W30×H20mm
Weight (N.W.): 47g

One set weight (G.W.) 120g


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