Pegasus Fibre Optic Star Lighting Kit With 160 Star Points


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160 points of light, mixed fibre diameters for 3D “near and far” effect, (96 x 0.5mm, 32 x 0.75 and 32 x 1.00mm). Four different fibre optic tail lengths: 1.5 metres, 2.0 metres, 2.5 metres and 3.0 metres.

The kit is supplied with pack of 3 x 1.0mm drills (use these to drill the holes for 3 diameters of fibre), and a tube of silicone adhesive to secure the fibre.

If ordering multiple kits, please let us know if they are to be installed in the same area.

Light source choices – price is for the complete kit including postage to the UK and EU.

MiniLED150 – White light only no twinkle. Dimming and on/off function via hand held radio remote control.

MiniLED550 – Twinkle or colour changing – the effects wheel must be changed within the unit. About a 3 minute job. Dip switches to control twinkle/colour change speed. Dimming and on/off via radio remote control.

MiniLED750 – Twinkle and colour changing. Programs and dimming selected via radio remote control. DMX control also available.

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with MiniLED150, with MiniLED550, with MiniLED750


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