Sauna Lighting

One of the country’s premier manufacturers of bespoke saunas, Reefgrove of Harrogate, recently used Starscape products to create a simple but effective star ceiling in the “Escape” Health Club at the prestigious Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh.

The star ceiling consists of 105 fibres of 1mm diameter, with acrylic end fittings. The stars are illuminated by a 100 watt light source fitted with a colour wheel. The fibre optic harness is longer than usual (9 metres), with the light source located well away from the hot, steamy environment of the sauna.

One unusual feature of the installation was that the fibres had to pass through a ceiling panel stuffed with thermal insulation, but following consultation with Starscape, Reefgrove were able to come up with a simple but effective method of getting the fibres from the back of the panel, through the insulation to a matching hole in the lower surface of the panel.

“The client loves it,” says Reefgrove’s Paul Roberts, who was happy to offer his client an atmospheric lighting solution which has the advantage of requiring very low maintenance in an extremely challenging environment.

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