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Array type

Often the Infinity ceiling will be fitted either within an area with a dropped perimeter so the panels are higher than the surrounding ceiling and the panel vertical edges are not visible (a “coffer”) or the panels will be lower than the surrounding ceiling and the edges are visible (a “raft”).

If the Infinity is a smaller installation within a room, then the location of it relative to the entire room is also required – e.g. a 6m x 5m room with a 2m x 2m array located in the centre. This will also us to accurately calculate the necessary tail lengths later.

Panel fixing method

Infinity panels may be installed in one of two ways: screwed to existing battens (timber, MF ceiling etc); or fixed with magnets to the Starscape steel track.

The screwed option is slightly cheaper and is a requirement for sloped ceilings. However, even with small felt screw covers and black screws, there is a chance that they may be seen under certain lighting conditions. Additionally, the screwed method makes performing minor adjustments and corrections to the layout more difficult. The magnet option is more expensive but is totally invisible and allows for ease of adjusting panel position during installation to ensure a snug fit and minimal visibility of the joints. Magnetic panels are also easier to remove for maintenance.

Lightsource location relative to panels

Every panel within the Infinity array has an individual fibre optic tail that connects to the carrier tail leading back to the lightsource. There is a small amount of tail length included within the cost of each panel, but beyond that, additional tail length is charged per metre.

This means that having the lightsource located as close the centre (or centre line in the case of multiple lightsources) of the panel array as possible, keeps the tail lengths to a minimum and cuts down on any unnecessary additional cost. This is the preferred location for the lightsource(s).