Fibre Optic Sensory Kits

Our fibre optic sensory kits are designed to be both relaxing and stimulating.

While conventional optical fibres are designed to take light from a lamp to their tips with as little "leakage" of light as possible, the fibre optic tails in these kits are of a type which allows light to escape along their length, creating glowing flexible strands.


Sensory kit

Our kit contains 50 x 1.5 metre clear sheathed fibre tails each containing 3x 0.75mm cracked polymer fibres, illuminated by a MiniLED550 light source with colour-sparkle wheel. This is our "standard" kit, but we're very happy to make up custom harnesses to suit your own needs or preferences. The difference in price will simply reflect the amount of fibre required to make up your specific harness.

We supply sensory kits to the general public, to a nationally-franchised chain of childcare centres and to professional installers. The photo above is of a very nice installation by Opus Pro Audio of Burnley. The company created this very attractive and colourful sensory room at the Colne Children's Centre in 2009.

The project includes custom sensory harnesses and also fibre optic star ceiling effects. As a general rule, the star ceiling fibres and sensory fibres would be illuminated by separate light sources, but we can also make up harnesses which combine both effects. So, a single light source located in the attic above a bedroom could illuminate stars in the ceiling and also a sensory harness dangling from the ceiling..

Child with sensory kit

A Starscape sensory harness being used in therapy in India in a project by the charity Hope & Compassion.

Sensory kits with MiniLED550 light source fitted with colour/sparkle wheel and standard sparkle fibre

(3 x 0.75mm sparkle fibres in a clear plastic jacked, crimped at the end:

Sensory kit No1
Sensory kit with 50 fibres at 1.5 metres MiniLED550 light source with colour/sparkle wheel fitted.

Sensory kit No1: £323.00  

Sensory kit No2:
Sensory kit with 100 fibres at 1.5 metres MiniLED550 light source with colour/sparkle wheel fitted.

Sensory kit No2: £363.00  

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