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Infinity star ceiling panels

Animation of the Infinity system

A Starscape animation showing the components of the Infinity star ceiling system and the installation method.

View on YouTube
Installation notes Installation instructions for our Infinity star ceiling panels Installation instructions
Video showing installation of 6 Infinity panels This video was shot in our workshop and shows 6 Infinity panels installed onto steel track. The video on YouTube
Installation video by Richard Bell Excellent time-lapse video by Richard Bell of UK Home Cinemas showing the creation of a high specification home cinema room from start to finish, complete with perimeter bulkhead and Infinity star ceiling panels. The video on YouTube
A large Infinity array 170m2 of Infinity panels. A large Infinity installation at M18 Lanes in Stanmore
Amount needed Amount of track needed for our Infinity magnetic mounting system. Track amounts
Track plan

Infinity rack plans

Track plan where the magnets are inset all round

Track plans where the magnets are not inset
Debth from ceiling How much ceiling depth will the Infinity system use with the magnetic
mounting system?   
Drawing of the components
Steel mounting track Starscape's steel mounting track specifications.   Track specifications
Infinity edge Infinity Edge We can supply masking strips to conceal the steel track when the panels are mounted ‘floating’ in a ‘raft’ configuration. Have a look at Infinity Edge here.

The strips have magnets attach which stick to the steel mounting track.
Sending us a plan to work from? Most architects and designers work from a ‘Reflected Ceiling Plan’. The plan would be made as if you were floating above the room, looking down at the ceiling and then the room below. Should you find this tricky to do, we can work from plans that look up at the ceiling from the floor below. Just make sure you let us know which you are using: Looking down (reflected), or, looking up (looking up). This wikiHow may help.
Tape measure How to measure a room accurately.

Rooms are very rarely exactly square. Here’s how to measure correctly.

Readymade Star Panels

Aurora Star Panel Aurora Star Panel Data sheet
Corona Star Panel Corona Star Panel Data sheet
Corona Star Panel Eclipse star disk Data sheet
Galaxy star panel Galaxy star panel Data Sheet
Button fix Button-fix panel mounting system Data sheet

Fibre optic light sources

MiniLED150 MiniLED150 Data sheet


MiniLED550 MiniLED550 Data sheet


MiniLED600 MiniLED600 Data sheet


MiniLED750 MiniLED750 Data sheet


MiniLED850 MiniLED850 MiniLED850


Maxi series Maxi series of light sources MaxiLED series - RGBW and 40 - Data sheet

YouTube - MaxiRGBW

YouTube - MaxiLED40


Connecting a DMX controller Connecting a DMX controller Connecting MiniLED750/850 to SDC6 slider controller
Hard wire kit Hard wire kit - for when you don't want to simply plug a light source into a wall socket Hard wire kit for MiniLED 150, 550, 600 and 750
Effects wheel change Effects wheel change Changing the twinkle wheel on a MiniLED550

Other resources.

DIY star kit annimation A Starscape animation showing a DIY star kit installation in a bedroom. Same video on our YouTube channel
The Hydra

Our unique optical jointing system, incorporating the Hydra common end, makes connecting the light source to the fibre optic display easy. Designed for installations which make use of pre-fibred panels - whether ours or DIY panels.

Optical jointing system
Fibre optic common end Making your own common end - how a fibre harness is terminated. Finishing a common end (PDF)

Finishing a common end (YouTube)
Making a star panel Making a star panel How to fibre a star panel
Joining plasterboard Joining plasterboard How to deal with fibres when joining taper edge plasterboard (YouTube)

DIT nursery star ceiling



DIY star ceiling in nursery room.


An outside resource on YouTube.

Star density Star ceiling density and star patterns Have some fun with this great tool; a star field generator by Seb Francis

YouTube video of a bathroom star ceiling

Customer project 81 - nice gaps and clusters

Compare densities here
Shooting star Shooting stars and animation effects Shooting star effects are now possible.

As are animations.
Led control LED control Remote control dimmer for single colour LED tape

Remote controller for RGB colour changing tape

Remote receiver for RGB colour changing tape
Chandelier tray Chandelier Chandelier tray hanging options


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