Home Cinema Lighting Project 5


More and more people are aspiring to having a dedicated home cinema/games room,

but finding the space can sometimes be a problem. Not everyone has the space in the garden - or the funds -

to build a new cinema from scratch, and existing rooms within the house may already required for other uses.

So, a garage, where you have one, might be the answer. After all, most cars live on the driveway anyway ...

This was the approach adopted by Fran and Sarah P,

who decided that the single garage in their detached house could serve nicely as home cinema.

Garage conversion

The garage before the conversion. As you can see, the space is chiefly being used for storage - like so many other garages.

The first jobs, after clearing everything away, were to insulate the floor and put down a new screed

and then to create a new wall in place of the existing garage door.

This wall would incorporate a window, to make the new living space as versatile as possible.

Here, the garage door is gone, and in its place is a new wall with a window to allow for more general use.

Home cinema garage conversion.

That same aspect, after the completion of the garage transformation. The projector can be seen at top.

Mood lighting is an important feature in any home cinema installation, and this was where

Starscape became involved in the project, advising Fran and Sarah on appropriate components and techniques.

The aim was to include a star ceiling between the screen and seating area, taking advantage

of the void between the ceiling and the pitched roof above to locate the halogen fibre optic light source.

Fran and Sarah had seen photos of other star ceiling projects where the starry sky was in an inset area,

raised slightly above the general level of the ceiling - to create a sort of skylight look - and with LED

lighting around the perimeter of raised section, and they decided to opt for this approach.

The dark-painted panel with the fibre optic stars is positioned a few centimetres above

the general level of the ceiling, creating a skylight effect, and also allowing for LED rim lighting.

RGB (colour changing) LEDs were used so several different colours can be displayed.

Click on the image to see the stars without the rim lighting or here for another shade.

Starscape created a custom optical fibre harness to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Since the fibres didn't need to be very long, some of the value in the standard

Orion kit harness was reallocated so as to create a larger number of shorter fibres,

providing better value for money. The more expensive part of the lighting was the

RGB (colour changing) LED tape and its associated power supplies and controller.

The finished home cinema room in all its glory.

That said, LED prices have been falling, and this sort of effect is becoming increasingly affordable.

And, if you're prepared to settle for a single colour - blue or white - costs are halved immediately.

Using single colour LED tape, the lighting component costs (LED tape, power supply units,

fibre optic harness and light source) of an installation like this would cost less than £500.

Congratulations to Fran and Sarah on a nicely executed project.

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