Home Cinema Lighting Project 15

Here's another project by one of our growing band of professional home cinema installation customers, Berkshire-based UK Home Cinemas.

The company, led by Richard Bell, has become a regular user of Starscape's Infinity star ceiling system, installing it in three separate projects during 2014. This particular project in the London home of Paul and Boura T, is a dedicated home cinema room - exactly the environment for which the Infinity system was first conceived, and then developed and refined.

Infinity star ceiling system.

This photo displays the features of the Infinity installation quite well. You can see the steel mounting track running across the ceiling, with some of the magnetic panels already in place. Richard is handling some of the long tails which carry light from the light sources (two in this case) to each of the panels. Cable ties connect the tails to the mounting track so that the weight of the tails is not superimposed on the magnetic panels. You can see that Richard is working with the light sources turned on - you can see a bright glow at the end of some of the tails, in his left hand and at the very top of the photo.

In this instance a pair of simple MiniLED550 light sources have been used. These can be set up to show either a classic white twinkle or simple colour change effects, and are dimmable via a radio remote control. One of the great advantages of fibre optic technology is that there is an easy upgrade path to more sophisticated light sources with DMX functionality, should this ever be desired.

LED downlights and step lighting are also part of the decor, and the LED tape around the perimeter of the coffered ceiling never fails to impress.

Star ceiling

There are 12 Infinity panels in the star ceiling, which means 1,200 stars. Each panel is unique with its stars laid out by hand. Starscape's panel assemblers compete to create the nicest combinations of clusters and constellations. This sort of star density is very rarely attempted in on-site installations - whether professional or DIY - and is one of the key features of the Infinity system. This display is equivalent to 10 of Starscape's entry level DIY kits.

UK Home Cinema's range of services is not limited to home cinemas - the firm can also offer whole-house audio packages for instance. The company was formed by two former members of Sony’s broadcast and professional system integration department. Both have many years experience delivering system integration projects for major broadcasters including the BBC, Sky, Pinewood Studios, ITV London Studios as well as  large audiovisual systems for public venues such as the Emirates Stadium and the Royal Opera House.

Although the firm is based in Berkshire, it will tackle projects much further afield.

Infinity star ceiling panels

Now, when Paul and Boura watch Gravity in the comfort of their elegant home cinema the stars are above them, as well as on the screen at the front of the room. The deep black of the flocked finish of the Infinity panels creates a sense of infinite depth above - hence the name Infinity - and also provides contrast for the bright images on the screen.

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