Home Cinema Lighting Project 13

We're pleased to showcase this project by UK Home Cinemas of Berkshire who opted to use our increasingly popular Infinity system. The Infinity array is actually quite small, given the size of the room, but one of the advantages of the modular design and optional magnetic fixing system is that it would be relatively easy to expand the star field at a later date, if the customer so chose.

Home cinema star ceiling.

First step in the installation of the Infinity star ceiling is to locate the centre of the proposed star field and then screw the first of the lengths of resilient channel to the ceiling. This steel U channel will provide the mounting for the panels' magnets.

"We used a lightwave RF wirelessly controlled relay to provide on/off switching of the mains to the light source via an app which I installed on the customer's Ipad controlled via a gateway box which sits on the home network and sends out RF commands to the relay," says Richard Bell of UK Home Cinemas. " It is also controllable from a wireless master wall switch in the room (this just sends commands to the relay via RF). This system also controls dimming of the wall lights."

Star ceiling installation.

In this photo all three lengths of the resilient channel are in place. The array is 3 x 2 metres, so three lengths of about 280 cm are used.

In this project, the star field actually occupies a relatively small part of the overall ceiling and the resilient channel has been configured so that it won't be visible from the side. In a full room width installation the channels would be spaced at 1000mm to correspond with the width of the panels, but here the outer channels are set back to provide a cantilevered arrangement.

You can see the glint of a magnet about a third of the way in from the right hand corner of the panel. The magnet has been relocated from its default position at the corner. Click on the photo for a larger version, and at the left hand corner of the panel you can also spot a white line which is one of the safety tethers which act as a back-up to the powerful rare earth magnets.

Also visible above the centre of the photo are a couple of the fibre tails which bring light from the light source. These will connect to shorter tails on each panel.

Fibre optic tails.

 "Our customer was not intending to have access to the light source, other than by lifting the carpet and floor boards," says Richard Bell of UK Home Cinemas, "but I advised him to reconsider and he did so after the photos were taken. He cut a small removable hatch in the plasterboard ceiling, which is now obscured by the Starscape panels. I think he added a second piece of plasterboard above the cut piece (slightly larger than the cut piece) and fixed that to the cut piece of plasterboard to create the small hatch which sits nicely in it’s original hole but can be removed by pushing it upwards from below."

Star panels

The finished star field, with all six panels in place. One of the benefits of the system is that it's an easy enough task to add extra panels at a later date to extend the size of the array. We can also supply matching flocked, but starless panels at lower cost, to increase the overall size of the array but at reduced cost.

One of the benefits of the Infinity system is that its matt black flock finish works to reduce reflections from the projector screen, helping to ensure that the image on screen is as vivid as possible.

"The Starscape Infinity ceiling was straightforward to install," says Richard Bell. "It seems to swallow stray light and the effect which it creates is a real enhancement to the room. Everyone was delighted with the result, especially our customer. We have already quoted Starscape Infinity for two more clients and we hope to include it in similar projects in the future.

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