Galaxy star ceiling panel.


Why not sit back and relax under one of our superb Galaxy star ceiling panels?

* Great look. Fantastic star layout – it’s our job and it’s what we do best.

* Choice of panel colours.

* Optional LED rim lighting.

* Choice of light sources: Simple twinkle, colour change, colour change and twinkle, integration with home automation system through DMX.

* Easy installation. A choice of installation configurations including: Button-fix, threaded rod, wire hangers.

* Unusual installation? We’ll work with you to make it work.

* Light source can be located remotely from the panel if necessary. Star ceiling size 2340 x 1220mm


Galaxy star ceiling in a swimming pool


This white satin finish Galaxy has 300 mixed diameter star points.

The camera makes the panel look dark, click the image.






Galaxy star ceiling


Prices start at £1,853.00. including a MiniLED550 light source, shipping and VAT.

Single colour LED rim lighting £145.00

RGB colour changing rim lighting with radio remote control £243.00

To connect to the light source, the star panel is supplied with a 2 metre ‘tail’ of fibre optics.

If you are unable to locate the light source within this distance we can extend the length up to 12 metres.


Data sheet

Data sheet for the Galaxy star ceiling



Although all star panels are bespoke and made to order, from time-to-time we have slight seconds or refurbished panels in stock.

So for new or refurbished, why not give us a call on 01289 332900 or email: to discuss?