Fibre Optic Chandeliers

Eye Catching, Dramatic, the Wow Factor, all describe a stunning fibre optic chandelier from Starscape.

In this chandelier that is on display in the Beauty Department of Selfridges Traddord Centre, optical fibres carry light from a powerful light source in the ceiling void to illuminate acrylic rods suspended from stainless steel tubes.
72 rods form an irregular tiered array descending from the ceiling to a bit less than a metre from the floor, with the longest element being a bit over 3.5 metres. 3mm sheathed pmma optical fibre was used to carry the light.

Close-up of teh Acrylic rods






Starscape's Fireworks Chandelier. We made our first Fireworks chandelier as an experiment in using the fibres in a less formal arrangement, without crystals at the ends of the fibres. It had a 2-metre drop with 260 fibres arranged in a series of concentric tiered rings. Most chandeliers use a 3 x 0.75mm sparkle fibre, but here we used a single strand of 0.75mm sparkle fibre which produces a more delicate effect, while still bright.

There were eight separate tiers, with odd numbers lit by one light source and even numbers by a second. Combine this with our very versatile MiniLED750 DMX light source and the result is a huge combination of effects, particularly when being used with a DMX controller. Please do take into account that the video shows the chandelier in a very active mode in order to display lots of effects in a short video - it can just as well be run in a very subtle mode, according to mood and preference.

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 The chandelier has 2460 strands of 0.50mm end glow fibre at varying lengths to 3 metres. Powered by a MaxiLEDRGBW light source, the chandelier can colour change, sparkle and strobe. The supporting tray is powder coated steel (supply us with a RAL colour) and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

This chandelier is available to a maximum drop of 10 metres with a theoretical maximum fibre number of 7380. A stunning centrepiece for any location?

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Customer design manufactured by us.
Custome chandelier

Our customer Electric City designed this Chandelier for a London Hotel.

Function room chandeliers by Starscape
2-port LED light source

Four Starscape chandeliers are a feature of this hotel function room in Cheshire.


Chandelier glowing globes






26 hand woven sparkle fibre glowing globes in each of the four chandeliers we created for the Boston West Golf Club.





Graham Norton chandeliers






We supplied three crystal chandeliers to So TV’s Graham Norton show. Two of these can be seen in the background of the set.





Chandelier - feathers

0.75 mm end glow fibre with feathers.

Simple sparkle fibre chandelier

Simple straight lengths of 0.50mm sparkle fibre

Chandelier in a hotel lobby

Sparkle fibre and crystals combine to make this chandelier in a hotel lobby.

Starscape Fireworks Chandelier
Fibre optic chandelier

A really eye catching chandelier available in a range of sizes.

Concept - Acrylic sparkeling rods.
Concept chandelier with sparle fibre and Acrylic rods.

This small concept piece utilises standard 3 core sparkle fibre enclosed in a 6mm diameter clear Acrylic rod. Only 23 short rods were used here but in a full scale chandelier lengths up to 3000mm would be possible. One of our Maxi light sources will accommodate 340 rods/sparkle fibres.

Hand woven glowing globes.
Hand woven globe of sparkle fibre

Our resident artist Paula wove this globe in wired sparkle fibre. With each globe using only 3 strands of fibre looped back to the common end connector we could light 50 globes from a Maxi light source. This globe is 100mm in diameter. Any diameter up to 1000mm is possible.

Concept - Stainless Steel - Swarovski pendant.
Swarovski crystal with stainless steel mount

A 12 mm diameter Swarovski crystal supported by an 8mm diameter 35mm long stainless tube. Our Maxi range of light sources could light over 1000 of these pendants suspended from 0.75mm end glow fibre.

Simple tray mounting
Fibre optic chandelier

Mounting can be tray based with an upstand, or a simple disk. Finishes include bright Stainless Steel, Chrome, powder coated Aluminium or Steel or even Perspex.

The chandeliers below represent just a taste of what is possible. The design, diameter and overall drop can easily be changed.

Light sources can be simple white light only, twinkle, colour changing, radio remote control or DMX enabled to integrate with most home automation systems.

Chandelier - Arrow.
V shaped chandelier with 340 fibres

This V shaped chandelier currently residing in our workshop has 340 strands of 3 core sparkle fibre terminated in 23mm round crystals.

Chandelier - Concepts
Concept drawing

Give us some general guidelines and we will produce some concept drawings for you.

Concept - Chandelier - Bad Hair Day!
Our chandelier - Bad Hair Day

Paula created this dramatic chandelier from wired sparkle fibre. Lots of variations are possible.

Shimmering Globe chandelier.
Some more concepts

The crystals are arranged in the form of a boat.

Do remember, if you are thinking about installing a chandelier that light source placement is important.

It is possible to accommodate the source on the chandelier tray but this can cause access issues for routine maintenance. Hoists are available from specialist manufacturers but do add greatly to the cost.

The best solution is to position the light source in an accessible location and lead the fibre optics to the chandelier. This can be done in a couple of ways:

1) The light source is directly above the chandelier: Cut an access hole in the ceiling and connect the fibre tails directly to the source.

2) The light source is remote from the chandelier: Cut an access hole in the ceiling, Starscape supply an extension harness that connects to the chandelier and then to the light source. The extension can be up to 10 metres.

Chandelier mounting options





Look at mounting options here.




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