Fibre Optic Components

Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

DIY star kits

If you prefer to do the work yourself we can offer a range of standard or bespoke star kits. Making your own star display or other decorative lighting effect is not complicated, and most of our kits go to homeowners who are installing fibre optics in their own bedrooms or bathrooms.
Light source

Fibre Optic Light Source

At the heart of the system is the projector or light source which illuminates the fibres (These are also sometimes known as "light engines"). All our light sources are now based on super-economical LEDs and we have versions available that change colour, twinkle, dim and even strobe.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Optical fibre

We stock several types and sizes (diameters) of Polymer (pmma) Optical Fibre and solid core light guide, including: end-emitting fibre, multi-strand side glow fibre, solid side glow fibre, sheathed fibre and sparkle fibre.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Fibre Optic Chandeliers

Fibre Optic Chandeliers combine the dramatic effects available using our wide range of fibre optic cable with low voltage powerful LED light sources.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Fibre Optic Sensory Kits

While conventional optical fibres are designed to take light from a lamp to their tips with as little "leakage" of light as possible, the fibre optic tails in these kits are of a type which allows light to escape along their length, creating glowing flexible strands. The result is an effect which can be both stimulating and relaxing.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Fibre Optic Deck and Patio Lighting

Fibre Optic Deck Lighting We offer a range of standard decking kits, but if none of these suit your requirements we'll happily make up a custom kit.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Fibre Optic Sparkle Curtains

Sparkle fibre - optical fibre which has had its special reflective cladding nicked to allow bright pinpricks of light to escape - is widely used in chandeliers and in sensory kits, but it can be used virtually anywhere to add a bit of interest to your décor.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Fibre Optic End Fittings

End fittings for our fibre give flexibility to your approach and in some cases a more finished effect.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics

Engraved Glass Panels

Glass and certain grades of acrylic (Perspex) share some of the properties of internal reflection which make fibre optics work the way they do. Light introduced at one edge (using fibre optics or LEDs) will pass through the panel to emerge at the other end.
Crystal lights

Fibre Optic Illuminated Crystals

Crystal fittings are easy to install and create an instant ‘wow’ effect to any ceiling. We have a custom made sheathed fibre (10 strands of 0.75mm) to transmit the light and the crystals have an expandable gripper round the body to facilitate easy fitting.
Fibre optic star cloths

Star Cloths.

We have been manufacturing top quality star cloths for the last 16 years. Our fibre optic star cloths have been used round the world in theatres, schools and major entertainment events.
Star kit by Starscape fibre optics


Accessories that may assist in your fibre optic project.


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