Fibre Optic End Fittings

End fittings for our fibre give flexibility to your approach and in some cases a more finished effect.
Fibre ferrule and crystal end fitting

Swarovski Crystal Fitting
Body: 9mm diameter
Flange: 15mm
Crystal depth below ceiling: 19mm

The 10-strand sheathed fibre supplying the light to the crystal is terminated in a ferrule. The O rings on the ferrule provide a tight grip on the crystal socket enabling fast and trouble-free installation.

(EF03)Swarovski crystal fitting £14.00


End fitting for fibre optic cable Stainless steel mini fitting. Perfect for decks, stair treads, mini down-lights etc. 12mm head, 9mm body. Body length: 20mm. Thread length: 18mm. Maximum cable: 3mm or 10 x 0.75mm bundle.
(EF01) Mini Stainless steel fitting £9.00

End fitting for accent lighting

Domed accent fitting.
Depth behind surface: 22mm.
Flange: 14mm.
Head protrudes: 9mm.

(EF02) Domed accent fitting £10.00


The domed fittings above are perfect for creating accent lighting around the room. Multiple fittings can be run from a common light source. 36 from a MiniLED550 is possible. This method of lighting makes it possible to site the fittings in areas that would be inaccessible for subsequent maintenance or replacement after the building is complete. Depending on your preferences you can use a light source with full DMX features or just a simple white light with on/off.

Eyeball downlight for fibre optic cable Aluminium and stainless steel directional spot light. 18mm lens.

Maximum cable: 6mm solid or 69-strand x 0.75mm

EF16 £23.00

Domed Acrylic fittings Domed acrylic fittings. Head: 10mm, lens: 7mm, body: 7mm, body length: 13mm. Gives a more diffuse effect than the pin-sharp bare fibre. Use for budget deck and downlight applications. Click here for instructions.Fitting comes complete with rubber plug to hold fitting securely. Please choose for your fibre diameter.

EF09 £0.55.

Number of domed fittings with 0.75mm plug: 
Number of domed fittings with 1.00mm plug: 
Number of domed fittings with 1.50mm plug: 


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