Fibre Optic Deck and Patio Lighting

Lighting can add another dimension to your deck or patio as the photographs below show. Our kits are easy to install and come complete with a reliable and low energy consumption LED light source.

Fibre optic star in a patio with pavers


If the standard kits on this page don’t meet your specific needs we can make a custom kit which will. You will need to decide on the position of the light source, then plan the run of fibre to the nearest star point and then the furthest. You should then be able to give us the information we’ll need to make up your kit. You can do your own measurements and then come to us with a "shopping list".

It may be something like:

1.00mm sheathed end-emitting fibre at the following lengths:

10 at 4 metres
10 at 5 metres
10 at 6 metres

Or, whatever suits your budget and preferences. Remember that you can mix fibres of different diameters in the same harness to get more variation in the brightness of the "stars".

The light source should always be situated in a dry location as close to the display as is practicable. Light sources often end up in conservatories, garages or garden sheds, and if you have a power socket already available installation will be very easy. A cabinet beneath a brick barbecue can also provide a suitable home for a light source.

Alternatively you could create a dry enclosure with a large plastic plant pot or something similar that will blend in with the garden décor.
Wooden decks are probable the easiest to tackle as the steps are simple. Drill the holes, insert the fibre, secure with adhesive or ties then trim off level.

Daylight photo of fibre optic patio stars




Pavers can be a bit more problematic as drilling concrete or stone can be time consuming. Saying that, customer project 1 featured here uses that method, very successfully. However, in a lot of projects customers simply place the fibres so that they emerge in the gaps between the slabs or bricks.

Finishing the fibre with Epoxy resin
Acrylic end fittings are available although not absolutely necessary. When the hole has been drilled and the fibre inserted and secured, finish the hole off with a dob (technical term) of epoxy resin. A fast-setting Araldite will do the job nicely.

The drop-down boxes below allow you to upgrade to 1.50mm fibre. This fibre has almost twice the surface area of the 1.00mm so will appear brighter although it is not so flexible. 1.00mm fibre has a bend radius of 6mm and the 1.50 is 14mm.



Light leaking from fibre optic cable in a loft
We would always recommend sheathed fibre for decking and paving as it has a couple of advantages over bare fibre. One is protection from damage during installation. If bare fibre gets abraded then the damaged area will leak light making the end of the fibre dimmer. The sheathing makes the fibre very robust and easy to handle.

Even dedicated end glow fibre leaks light along its length as you can see from this bundle of fibre in a loft space. So, the second advantage is not having glowing fibres visible in the gaps between the planking in your deck.

Patio / Deck Kit 1 £311.50 60 fibres. 20 x 2 metres, 20 x 3 metres and 20 x 4 metres. MiniLED 550 light source with remote control and dimming.

Tails fed by MiniLED550 bright LED light source with colour wheel and twinkle wheel - wheel can be removed for white light only.

Patio deck kit 1 supplied with 1.0mm sheathed fibre which can be upgraded to 1.5mm diameter in the drop down box below.

Deck kit:

Patio / Deck Kit 2 60 fibres: 20 x 6 metres, 20 x 8 metres and 20 x 10 metres. MiniLED 550 light source with remote control and dimming.

Tails fed by MiniLED550 bright LED light source with colour wheel and twinkle wheel - wheel can be removed for white light only.
With longer fibres this kit may be more suitable where the light source has to be sited remotely from the light show.

Patio deck kit 2 supplied with 1.0mm sheathed fibre which can be upgraded to 1.5mm diamer in the drop down box below.

Deck kit:
*Sheathed fibre is often the best solution for outdoor projects since the pvc sheathing protects the fibre from mechanical, chemical and u.v. damage and also prevents the fibre from glowing along its length. For instance, in a deck with gaps between the planking, bare fibre may be seen glowing below the deck, whereas the black sheathed fibre should be more or less invisible. And, while you pay a premium for the sheathed fibre, it's also nicer to handle!

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