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6 infinity and a MinLED750

Westwood star panel


2400 star points illuminated 4 panels for a well-known fashion retailer’s Christmas window display.
Fibre optics are fantastic for windows, so why not give us a call to discuss your plans for next Christmas?
Click the pic for a short video showing how the fibre optics perform in daylight.



Star ceiling at HSQ


In early 2008 Starscape was commissioned to supply and install a large star ceiling as a feature at the new Heuston South Quarter development in Dublin.

The requirement was to decorate the soffit of a bridge structure linking two tower blocks at the seventh storey.

The creative part of the design had already been finalised when Starscape was approached,

so our input on the design side was limited to technical advice as to component selection.

Starscape then carried out the installation on site, taking a week to complete the project.






A leading London department store featured this fibre optic display for a dramatic Christmas window.

We used over 3000 stars in the number alone.



Star panels at the National Museum of Scotland


Starscape was commissioned by Beck Interiors to fabricate several star panels for use in the National Museum of Scotland's Science & Technology Gallery.

The work was just a tiny part of a £47 million project to completely refurbish a large part of the museum in Edinburgh's city centre.



Clowing dlobe chanderler


Hand-woven sparkle fibre globes. Click the image for more information.




17000 stars


17,000 stars at M18 Lanes Stanmore. More than 170 Infinity star panels. Click the photo for more information.



Westfield up lighters


In the months running up to the London 2012 Olympics Starscape supplied 1260 stainless steel fibre optic paver lights to the Westfield shopping town.

The fibre optic paver fittings were selected as an alternative to conventional stand-alone LED paver fittings,

offering a very low maintenance solution. As many as 14 individual fittings are illuminated by each of the LED light sources,

resulting in significant reductions in energy use and maintenance requirements.

We supplied 90 custom-made LED light sources offering colour change and twinkle effects,

able to create a wide range of lighting effects to brighten up the shopping experience in the evening or in gloomy winter afternoons.

The light sources are controlled by a Philips system.

In theory, it would have been possible to illuminate the hundreds of fittings using fewer than 90 light sources,

but because the lighting display extends over more than 200 metres it made sense to have a more distributed layout.

There comes a point where it is more cost-effective to add a light source than to spend more money on extended fibre lengths.



Paris casino


Shortly before Christmas 2011 the Starscape team were in Blackpool to install a fibre optic star ceiling in the new Paris Casino on Bloomfield Rd.

The new casino replaces an earlier, well-established one which had been destroyed in a fire.

We assembled fibre optic harnesses in our workshops and then fitted them to the existing mineral tiles

in the suspended ceiling of the gaming area and a nearby corridor.

Normally, we'd recommend that the fibres are trimmed back to the ceiling, but in this case the client preferred that the fibres dangle by a few centimetres.

Starscape also supplied the RGB LED tape used in cove lighting in the gaming room and also LED wall-washers for the external facade of the building.



Orion etched panel


A 1.8 x 1.5 metre cast Acrylic panel was etched with a custom customer design and side lit with our flexible LED strips in this hotel bar in Doha, Qatar.

Fibre optic stars were added lit by a 75 watt light source with twinkle wheel.

The piece was finished with a back panel in blue with printed stars and the bars name.

Starscape designed, manufactured and installed the panel.

Other work included in the project included the supply and installation of LED mood lighting the chill-out room of the hotel's nightclub,

and the installation of a star ceiling in a corridor linking the chill-out room and nightclub.



Star panels in Spain


A stylised view of the Solar System (sourced via Getty Images) makes a spectacular backdrop to this games room design.





Starscape was approached by dha design services ltd. on behalf of the Living Coasts zoo to devise a fibre optic solution for

fireflies hovering among the mangrove canopy. A custom harness of individual optical fibres in a black sheathing was created,

with just the very end of the fibre exposed to create a floating point of light in the dark canopy.

A custom twinkle wheel was fitted to the light source, with a specially made green filter to produce an authentic firefly glow.



Japan night clip


We made up large harnesses of mixed diameter optical fibres for use in the walls and ceiling of this nightclub in Japan.

The long harnesses are illuminated by 150 watt metal halide light sources. The British DJ at the club tells us that the effect is "wicked".

It's nice to have satisfied customers as far away as this.

We also have a commercial customer in Thailand who has had a number of custom harnesses from us in the past couple of years.


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