SkyView - the window to the stars

The SkyView system is designed to simulate the effect of looking through a multi-paned skylight. So, rather than having fibre optic star points on the ceiling, the aim is to create the illusion of actually looking through glass at the real sky.

This is a hybrid of Starscape's SkyView star ceiling system

Our new 1200 x 1200mm SkyView star ceiling in our office at Woodside. The installation took around 25 minutes.

The SkyView has been developed specifically for use in situations where lack of access from above the ceiling prevents the fibre optics from being installed directly into the existing ceiling.

However, it will also appeal to customers who simply want a really quick and easy installation. So, it's a good fit for grandparents who want to provide it for a nursery without committing anyone to huge amounts of installation effort!

Our current stock of SkyViews are 4 pane with an outside measurement of 1200x 1200 mm.

Each pane has 24 x 0.50mm, 8 x 0.75mm and 4 x 1.00mm fibres to create a nice natural 3-dimensional look to the "sky".

Normally at the back of each pane the 36 fibres come together, to form a short ‘tail’. The four tails then meet in a common end ferrule which plugs into the light source's optical port. During installation this bundle of fibre needs to offered up through a hole in the ceiling from below, to the light source waiting the loft/ceiling void above. Or, if there's no loft/ceiling void you may need to run the fibres across the ceiling in surface-mounted trunking to the closest suitable location for the light source.

However, we can optionally configure the SkyView so that each pane has a relatively short tail which is terminated in a small ferrule. This can then be connected in a push-fit operation to a longer tail which leads back to the light source.

This system allows great flexibility in the location of the light source. If necessary the source can be as far as 15 metres from the SkyView array.

SkyView under test in our workshop. Click the image for a closer look at the star layout. Kudos to David, our chief technician, for a very nice layout.

Rear view of the SkyView showing the optional optical jointing system.


SkyView with MiniLED550 light source £620.00 inclusive of VAT

Call 01289 332900 or email: to discuss the SkyView.

Installing a SkyView panel on our office ceiling.

Preparing the area

For convenience, we installed the SkyView next to an available loft hatch. A switched 13amp socket was positioned in the roof space near to the side of the panel. And a 40mm hole cut in the plasterboard to feed the fibre tails from the light source through from above.

We chose a click button system for ease of installation and strength.

Search the web for “Button fixing”.

Back of the panel showing the buttons in place.

Close up of the button

If you are confident of fixing the button the ceiling securely then marking out should be simple since a marking button with a spike is available. As we thought two screws in the plasterboard would be better than one we fitted the system upside down with the buttons on the SkyView panel and the holders on the ceiling.

Because of this we had to temporarily tape the marking buttons on to the buttons on the panel.

When this was done the panel was positioned, then pressed up to the ceiling to mark the positions of the holders.

Using the marked positions on the plasterboard the holders were fixed to the ceiling using self-drilling plasterboard anchors.

The fibre tails were then brought down through the hole in ceiling and the joints push fitted together – easy.

Offering the panel up to the button fixings. This took a couple of attempts as the person on the right -me - was trying to push click in the wrong direction!

Almost done.

In position and twinkling slowly (dip position 1, 3 and 5 down on the MiniLED550 light source).

MiniLED550 light source in the loft space with a temporary power supply for testing.


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